What is a Recovery Rebate Tax Credit?

With all the information covering the stimulus checks and payments you may have heard the phrase Recovery Rebate Credit thrown around and are wondering, “what is the Recovery Rebate Credit?” or “Do I qualify for the Recovery Rebate Credit?”  Don’t worry about knowing answers to these questions. We have you…Read More

How to achieve a clean architecture with a static code analysis tool.

As software development continues to evolves, new architectural patterns appear and get popularized. Recently, the Software Craftsmanship trend is pushing a lot of buzz about Onion architecture, Hexagonal architecture and Clean architecture. What do these architectures have in common ? Can we extract some common-sense principles and get them checked…Read More

Patriot Expands Advertising to National TV and Streaming Platforms

Patriot Software, a leading online accounting software and payroll provider, continues to expand its brand reach by launching a new advertising campaign on national television and streaming platforms. Patriot Software, also known as “PATRIOT,” has disrupted the traditional accounting and payroll industries by streamlining accounting and payroll software for American…Read More