How To Edit Videos On Your Phone – The Ultimate Guide (iPhone & Android)

With the advances in camera technology over the past 10 years phones have replaced traditional camcorders in many parts of our lives. iPhones have even been used to shoot professional commercials, music videos and even feature films. Coupled with one of the highly powerful video editing apps available on iOS or Android, you can create polished, professional-level videos directly on a mobile device.

Our goal is to make editing more approachable in this article. We will cover everything from combining clips and trimming to adding text and titles. That way, you can start making slick videos in no time.

We’ve put this guide together to teach you how to edit videos on iPhone and Android like a pro.

This article will cover:

How to Make Basic Video Edits on iPhone and Android

Video editing has become easier and more manageable over time. It wasn’t that long ago that people had to shoot video, lug their equipment back to the studio, and wait to upload it on a desktop computer. Smartphones have eliminated that downtime.

Mobile editing allows you to create content when and where you want. It’s ideal for putting together a video on an Android phone or Apple tablet if you need to tackle a short and simple project. Mobile video editing can also round out your marketing strategy, helping you save money on software and production crews.

Perhaps the most significant upside to mobile video editing is its convenience. You can trim, combine, or split clips from the comfort of your handheld device. You can create a full commercial or snazzy intro without relying on expensive video editing tools that also have daunting learning curves.

Top video editors, like PowerDirector, KineMaster, and Adobe Premiere, allow you to make swift edits on Android devices. Other video editors work for iPhones and iPads if you use Apple devices. If you want to conquer the basics, here’s how to edit videos on your phone.

How to Trim & Split Videos

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Download PowerDirector for iOS or Android. Open the app and create a new project. To trim your video add it to the timeline and move the sliders on each side of the clip. This effect changes where the video starts and stops. Tap the play button to preview your new clip. To split your video, move the playhead where you want to make the cut. You will see a white line at that mark. You can pinch open the clip to zoom in on the video. Tap the split icon to slice the clip. How to Combine Videos

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Download a video editing app to combine two clips. We recommend PowerDirector for a fast and efficient experience. PowerDirector is available for iOS and Android. Open PowerDirector and select “New Project.” Name the project, and then select the two clips you want to combine from your phone’s storage. Edit and trim the clips on the timeline as needed. If you upload several clips, make sure they are in the correct order. Select “Save” or “Share.” Saving allows you to create a version of the video in your camera roll while sharing lets you send it to friends and family. You can retrieve the video later for further editing, if necessary. How to Pan and Zoom Videos

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