What is a Blog Maturity Model? How We Create Quality Content at Process Street

When you’re doing any kind of content marketing, you want to be able to understand how well you’re doing. You want to be able to look at the performance of the content you’re creating and feel assurance that you’re: Driving forward key goals and objectives tied to your content strategy;…Read More

Bring interactive, real-time 3D product configurators to the mobile web and more with Unity Forma

Reaching your audience everywhere is critical to digital marketing success. Learn how Unity Forma, our new product for marketing professionals, makes it easy to create and publish real-time 3D product configurators to multiple endpoints, including mobile web. To show what’s possible, we’re debuting a WebGL car configurator demo that runs…Read More

“Ask TurboTax Anything” Video Series in Partnership with the #WeAllGrow Latina Network

This is the sixth year TurboTax and #WeAllGrow Latina Network has come together with the goal of empowering Latina entrepreneurs and business owners around the topic of finances, financial planning, and tax preparation. As part of the #Smart Dinero (Smart Money) digital partnership with We All Grow, we bring you…Read More

Save On Your Startup — Launch Your Business Without Breaking the Bank

The time has come. You’ve stepped out of faith and you’re ready to launch your business. Startup costs are unpredictable and whether you’ve landed an investor or are footing the finances yourself, every penny counts. You’ll need supplies, space and staff. These “must-haves” can get unbearable if you let them.…Read More

Affordable Product Development Services for Inventors

Way ahead of the current “maker” and tech incubator trends, MAKO Design + Invent hit the ground running back in 1999 with the mission to enable inventors, startups, and small businesses to take their ideas from concept to store shelves. In addition to more than a dozen awards, MAKO recently…Read More

Cybersecurity in Johnny Mnemonic | Kaspersky official blog

The future that William Gibson imagines in the short story that inspired 1995’s Johnny Mnemonic essentially epitomizes cyberpunk: edgy, dangerous, extremely advanced, highly technical. The movie being set in early 2021, we decided to analyze the cinematic version from the viewpoint of cybersecurity, comparing the fictional 2021 with our own.…Read More

3 collaboration patterns between developers and non-developers

In a world that increasingly relies on software, there’s a need for smooth collaboration between developers and non-developers in order to realize business objectives successfully.This is where Backlog comes in handy. Its user interface is simple even for non-developers to understand, navigate, and use for work without going through extensive training. At…Read More

The Autodesk Generative Design Field Lab is Armed for the Future of Robotics

Robotic manufacturing continues to grow and evolve at an extremely rapid pace. New opportunities include collaborative “cobots,” industrial IoT, connected robots, and niche applications in small and mid-sized manufacturing operations.This last robotic manufacturing trend depends on the ability to design end effectors quickly so that the same robotic arm can…Read More