11 Facebook advertising tips for small businesses

Facebook advertising provides uniquely specific targeting options, meaning businesses can use ads to appeal to a laser-focused audience.

Facebook advertising can be a fantastic resource for small businesses. Another benefit is that Facebook has clear reporting features so businesses can see exactly where their marketing dollars are going, what’s working, and what needs to change. 

The benefits are endless, but how does one utilize this tool to the best of their ability?

We sat down with 12 small business leaders to learn their tried-and-true Facebook advertising tips for success:

Start with an overperforming post

If you’re interested in running a Facebook ad campaign, start with a post that is already over performing. Some marketers may do just the opposite and boost a post that “needs a little help.”

If a post is already engaging others, then imagine the attention it’ll receive from a paid campaign. You’ll quickly see more post comments and higher traffic to your site.

Travis Killian, Everlasting Comfort

Engagement ads

My best tip for Facebook advertising campaigns for small businesses is to expand your reach with a page post engagement ad! Our Facebook page for Texas Adoption Center gets a healthy amount of traffic and likes organically. Though, due to the Facebook algorithm, some posts never seem to make it to our full range of followers.

By running engagement ads, you get your content to an audience who already likes, comments, and otherwise interacts with it.

To set up engagement ads, merely opt for the “Engagement” marketing objective. Simple as that! 

Kenna Hamm, Texas Adoption Center 

Install Facebook Pixel

If you are a small business that has a website, then the first thing that you need to do is set up a Facebook pixel. Aim to do this before you even start thinking about creatives, targeting, and campaign budget.

The Facebook pixel is a small piece of code that you insert on your website. Once installed, it collects data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads and also implement remarketing campaigns. You can then correctly monitor campaign success and ensure that you are gaining value from running Facebook ads.

Liam Quinn, Reach interactive

Upload your customer list

When running a retargeting or content-driven Facebook ad campaign, consider taking the email addresses of your existing customer base and uploading the list to the Facebook Ad Platform.

These email addresses will be matched up with Facebook users to develop a highly personalized audience. By limiting the audience to just your existing customers, Facebook ads can be customized to stay in front of your most important persona. 

Megan Chiamos, 365 Cannabis

Focus on ROI first, and then start optimizing

One advice I would give to businesses looking to run Facebook ads campaigns would be to look beyond the average stats floating around the internet.

If you find a case study which is boasting a particular Click-Through Rate (CTR) or Cost-Per-Click (CPC), do not solely base your ads campaign on those numbers. Every business and its target audience is different and these values can vary to a very large extent depending upon so many different factors like the creatives, time of the week, time of the year, audience, and so on.

One thing you should instead focus on is ROI, that is whether you’re making money out of the campaign

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