How To Build Sales Funnel For Small Business: Attract. Capture. Nurture

While eCommerce is one niche that’s really strengthened its positions and proven its worth under the weirdest of circumstances of 2020, SMB has been hit hard. Many of the shops, cafes, and venues have taken a hit during the bizarre year. Nimble decided to answer the burning question of thousands of SME owners: How to build a sales funnel for small businesses going into 2021.

Do I need to read this article?

Even though Google wouldn’t have directed you here unless you do need to read this, let’s recap who needs to be in the know of the insights set out below:

You own a small business that has a service or product [digital or physical] to sell or subscribe to. You know there is a market for what you are trying to sell, but don’t know exactly how to set about getting a piece of that pie. Your product or service is on par or better in some way to what is on the market and you know people are paying more or your asking price for competitive inferior products. You have a website, but there is not much traffic going on there and you don’t know how to get people there. You are happy to invest some reasonable amount of resources, inclusive financial investment, if you know, you will get this business off its standstill.

Does this resonate with your story? Have you ticked a mental “Yes” to at least a couple of these statements? Then the next 5 minutes will not be wasted, we promise.

Creating a sales funnel is as fun as it is technical, tedious, and risky. So all the fainthearted people may as well stop right here, as this is not a get-rich-overnight scheme, but a lot of work, calculations, and testing.

What is a Sales Funnel? The Simple Explanation

Sales Funnel [AKA conversion funnel or marketing funnel] is a succession of actions elaborated by a business owner in order to attract users, get them interested in their product, get their personal data and ultimately convert them into loyal clients.

Have you ever clicked on an ad out of curiosity, to find out about a brand you never knew existed before? – You have just gotten yourself to the very top of the funnel, AKA TOF. 

If the targeting was right and you really fancied the product you were offered, you might have followed the further steps and fallen for the lead magnet – like a checklist of sorts. Of course, you had to provide your email address. Later you may have gotten an email with the offer too good to resist from the company. By that time, you have checked out their site, YouTube, and even Facebook page, so you felt like you were ready to trust them and bite for that lucrative limited time offer.

This, my friends, was the algorithm of the sales funnel in real life – the one, that you must have been the “victim” of yourself on more than one occasion.

Want to see how this works for yourself and learn from the most current examples of conversion funnels?

Read this article. Go in and type on Facebook “make money on the internet” or “how to make money in an internet course”. This will make you a target

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