Integrated HelpDesk – 5 Ways CRM Facilitates Customer Service

There are still businesses and organizations that seem to be stuck using classic ways of dealing with a variety of tasks. One of those tasks is communicating and reaching out to the customers. Companies seem to notice a silver lining in having old-fashioned telephonic conversations with their customers and apart from this, the print medium is still in use for advertising methods.

On the other hand, modern technologies have made it possible for a majority of businesses to use CRM and Helpdesk Software to cater to their customers. And here at Apptivo, we provide the best of both domains giving you access to an integrated HelpDesk Software with our CRM system. Let us take a look at how the integrated HelpDesk along with the CRM Software helps you to improve customer experiences.

Benefits of an Integrated CRM & HelpDesk System

At present, having a CRM & HelpDesk software/tool is a must for every business. At large scale organizations, these tools are commonly used but small scale organizations and startups often are afraid to make such an investment. But, it is important to understand the benefits of an integrated CRM & HelpDesk system as using these tools individually leads to efficient business functioning. By using an integrated system as Apptivo’s integrated CRM & HelpDesk, you make your business efficient as well as effective. The potential benefits of using an integrated CRM & HelpDesk software like Apptivo are:

Helps In Reaching More Prospects

Using online channels to contact business prospects is the best way to increase your business outreach. By doing so, you have a channel meant for a wider reach of your business. With Apptivo’s integrated CRM, you can manage customer interactions and contact them effortlessly on a single platform giving you access to capture leads, convert them, and then providing sales tracking. Conclusively giving you better insights on the progress leads your customers to have great feedback regarding your service and effectively increase your prospect base.

Provides Great Customer Experience

Giving people choices is a great way to improve their experience with your business. If there are only a few methods to contact your customers regarding business queries, feedback, and support services, etc. then it may lead to customer dissatisfaction. With Apptivo’s integrated HelpDesk, you get access to a simplified customer support software that allows you to manage customized contact information along with reporting and analytics features, enabling your customers to have a great support experience.

Facilitates Quick Response & Automation

While dealing with many customers and clients at a time, delayed service is often an issue. It is due to the hassle that is created when dealing with a large number of clients. With Apptivo’s CRM, you can manage a multitude of contacts smoothly as well as by using the integrated IT HelpDesk software, their support calls can also be handled effectively. It allows automation while contacting different clients, resulting in faster outbound communication and the advantage to connect with more contacts. Conclusively giving your customers top-notch support with every service.

Increases Efficiency

Every business aims to make great profits and the key to it is the products and services offered by them. But there are only a fraction of companies that focus on making profits by saving expenses. Saving extra costs wasted

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