How to Manage Customers During a Crisis: Actionable Sales Idea During Covid

The pandemic seems to have put on fluffy slippers, brewed a cup of herbal tea, and nestled cozily in our lives. While deep down in our hearts we may hope for as prompt an end to this crisis, as its sudden onset, the reality now is that we have to make the best out of this new normal.

Businesspeople the world over keep reinventing themselves to survive this downward curve with minimal detriment. As the creator of one of the best CRM systems for small businesses, the Nimble team sees clients finding new ways, adjusting, and regrouping to ride out this storm. We’ve compiled a few tips on how to increase sales during COVID.

Software for managing customers is also the new norm nowadays, you’d think. 

The truth is that many dinosaur businesses are oblivious to the fact, that using excel sheets, pen, and paper for contact management is kinda like riding a horse to get from A to B in LA. Time-consuming, exhausting, and expensive at the end of the day. Why dinosaurs? As they are sure to go extinct if they don’t succumb to the charms of digitalization.

This is why we are providing some of the insights and successes of our clients and more that combine both digital and non-digital marketing methods.

Empathy Is the New Sustainability

While forgetting about nature and the environment is not what we ask for here, the message is simple: for a year or two, while this crisis lasts, humanity was forced to put it as the top priority.

Businesses struggle to keep open, but many people find themselves on the edge: financially, morally, and physically. 

Small family businesses, specifically those in tourism, beauty, and fitness are facing losses incompatible with staying afloat. Some countries provide no government support and commerce is left on their own.

Big businesses seem to have bigger accumulated assets for such cases and they are the ones setting the pace for empathy. Amazon, for example, has undertaken several initiatives to help employees, customers, and communities, even though the action plan came after Amnesty International urged the company to invest in the health and safety of its employees.

Among the other 150 actions designed to provide extra protection to its clients, Amazon reviewed its cleaning and sanitizing norms, offers “unattended” and “front-porch” delivery, as well as set in place price gouging counteractions.

Another tech giant, Facebook, also takes care of its employees by providing monetary help, introducing up to 30 days of paid time to take care of their relatives in case they get COVID, and helping finance public testing in the Bay Area.

The company also came up with a few initiatives designed to help customers survive: The Small Business Grant program by Facebook allocated $100 million in cash to be distributed among applicants in 30 countries. 

The company also provided a possibility for businesses to share their gift cards online or food ordering options.

If you feel your company has something to share with the community – this is a good time to rush into action. Not many entities are in a position to enhance the life of community/partners/employees at these trying times. So if your ship is still floating, it may be the time to get a few sinking fellas onboard.

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