Apptivo Product Updates as of January 08, 2021

Good day! Welcome to Apptivo’s new product updates this brand new year. We at Apptivo work round the clock to offer an extraordinary experience to our customers. In order to make the solutions more competitive, we have enhanced some of the key features. This update includes an exclusive E-Invoicing feature for India as per CBIC norms and also we have enhanced Stripe payment gateway integration with 3D secure authentication for European nations ensuring an additional layer of security. Let’s run the list of updates.

Updates and Enhancements SMS Campaigns in Contacts Automated Tax Calculator Improvised Work Orders Reports Dispatch Calendar Access Level Data Backup E-Invoicing Exclusive for India Stripe 3D Secure Payment Authentication SMS Campaigns in Contacts

With reference to the research on SMS Marketing by Shiftcomm, texting has the largest marketing media participation rate by far at 82%. Within three minutes of delivery, 90% of the messages are read. To provide that luxury within Apptivo, we have introduced an SMS campaign in the Contacts app in order to give users the highest rate of customer engagement. You can simply select and send SMSes directly through the Bulk Actions. You can send text messages up to 10,000 contacts at a time. Moreover, if the selected contacts don’t have any contact number, the particular contact will be automatically removed from the list to improve the authenticity of the SMS delivery rate. Read more.

Automated Tax Calculator

Apptivo’s Estimates app is now enhanced for businesses to add tax on products and services based on customer location. Therefore, each State’s tax value can be configured, and the tax can be levied accordingly. This includes both single rates as well as multi-rate tax structure. Depending on the setup, you can build the tax code on line and header levels. This applies to both percentage and fixed values of tax rates. At present, this feature is supported for the states in the US and Canada. Read more.

Improvised Work Orders Reports

Reports are an integral part of any enterprise. They help businesses to understand where they stand, analyze, and create strategic plans that drive the entire operations. Work Orders App from Apptivo has several standard reports. Additionally, you can create custom reports as per your requirements. Now, we have introduced “Work Orders Service Duration” as part of the standard report for calculating the total service duration taken to resolve a service request. You can create and track the total service hours of an employee based on several criteria. Read more.

Dispatch Calendar Access Level

The Apptivo’s Access Level lets you handle the data access for your users. This Access-level functionality has been enabled in the Work Orders app in this update to provide the employee’s data access along with privileges for dispatch calendar events. The access level can be set to provide the view and edit access for the work orders that are assigned to the employees or all employees on the Dispatch calendar events. Additional access to viewing and editing the work order events can be added to the exception lists or teams on the dispatch calendar activities. Read more.

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