5 Types of Tickets That Should always Be Escalated

In the case of helpdesk tickets, a business doesn’t always have to follow the rules. For some businesses which aren’t that large in comparison to other companies, first come first serve strategies can work out but for larger firms, a system is required to handle helpdesk tickets. The existence of flexibility in the system causes conflicts among employees as individual requests to bump up tickets is considered by agents. Therefore, clarification of rules is required to prioritize tickets and also for the conditions in which bumping is demanded. Therefore, Apptivo HelpDesk brings you the 5 types of tickets that should be given priority.

Introduction to Apptivo HelpDesk

Apptivo provides you with an integrated HelpDesk solution for all your customer support needs. It features a variety of options that lets you manage tickets based on their priorities, assign agents to specific cases, manage deadlines, and also choose over different communication channels for specific customers. It allows easy handling of cases directly from received email to creating cases for the same, you can also assign individuals as well as teams to the same case without leaving the page.

SLA’s in Apptivo HelpDesk application can be managed and configured with automatic actions as required. When dealing with any case in the HelpDesk app, you can easily convert any case to a Project or a Work Order directly without struggling with several options. Alongside, it also has features such as time-tracking, that enables you to mention and time-stamp the tickets with specific configured time zones.

SLA Alerts

For many companies, SLA alerts are meant to be a concrete agreement to determine the resolution patterns that improves Customer Satisfaction. But there are certain conditions when customers ask for different things depending upon the issues they are facing. Due to this, there are variations in the priority of tickets, and some tickets are left unsolved. And because of the organizational rules, these tickets take a long time to get cleared and give the customers a poor experience of your support service. Therefore, to this problem, you need to set a schedule for individual tickets, and assigning a person for the same concern will make it quick for ticket resolution as managers often forget or aren’t aware of all the varying aspects of tickets in their department. Hence, with Apptivo HelpDesk, you get access to simplified and easy SLA management with which you can handle SLA alerts without any hassle and deliver the best to your customers.

Hierarchical Escalations

There are situations when a customer faces an issue that requires a person of the top hierarchy to solve it. Due to this, there is a significant amount of lag that is seen while dealing with tickets of these types. Also, customers often demand manual redirecting of their calls and emails to a specific agent of the company. Therefore, the tickets demanding a certain level or hierarchical escalation need to be made clear. The system should be set to work accordingly, as the users should be given the control to edit their requests and the ticket managers should have proper control over the assigning of tickets. With Apptivo HelpDesk, you get the benefit of controlling and assigning the case to particular individuals removing any manual interference with the system itself.

Communication Issues


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