CRM For Email Marketing Managers: Best Practices for Optimizing Drip Campaigns and Emails

Email marketing is one of the highest ROI digital marketing channels out there with 2019 sales totaling $7.5 billion. Moreover, even though it may seem like the inbox has lost its past vigor, the experts disagree. They see exponential growth over the years with 2026 revenues forecasted at $27.45 billion. 

Email marketing software has evolved rapidly to fit the escalating demand with players like MailChimp, ConvertKit, OmniSend offering affordable systems for drip campaigns and transactional emailing. Is CRM of any use for an email marketing manager? Indeed.

Let’s have a closer look at the realm of email marketing as well as how a Customer Relationship Management system fits into this tech stack.

What is CRM in email marketing?

Customer Relationship Management system in email marketing is a tool that helps to gather, systemize, segment, optimize and analyze the client database for further integration with tools allowing the creation of drip campaigns and other related activities. The final benefit of a CRM for an email marketer is the facilitation of the process of converting a lead into a prospect and finally a paying customer.

Some of the CRMs, like Nimble, for example, have an email module as part of its core features and allow for basic email actions, like group emailing segmented contacts, open rate tracking, etc.

But the possibility to integrate a CRM with email marketing software produces technical synergy, capable of elevating the effectiveness of both tools significantly.

Email Marketing software overview 

Let’s quickly see the key functions of the email software as well as the best tools for email marketing before we deep-dive into the use of CRM in this subsegment of digital marketing.

Key Features:

When considering a vendor in this domain, users are looking for the following features:

Auto-responders Dynamic content Drip Campaign WYSIWYG Email Editor A/B testing Customer surveys Image library Event-triggered emails Landing pages Reporting Donations CAN-SPAM compliance List management Subscriber management Template library Best email marketing software

Depending on what you need to achieve in this branch of digital marketing, how much budget you have, and how many subscribers there are on your list, you are likely to end up choosing one of the following tools:

Mailchimp OptinMonster Constant Contact Klaviyo Active Campaign Remarkety MailerLite AutoPilot CRM VS email marketing

CRM started as a contact database management tool, and it’s still the main feature of the system.

Also, many such tools will have (on top of the contact management and email marketing module) the following features:

Calendar & scheduling Task and deal management Pipeline management Lead generation [Nimble Prospector extension] Customer profile enrichment Social media integration Reporting and analytics

So, while it can perform some of the email marketing functions, it also helps in planning the day, distributing tasks, and analytics.

It does have somewhat limited capabilities in the creation of drip campaigns or transaction emails, lacking the level of sophistication and granularity of specialized email software.

Why would an email marketer use a CRM?

There are multiple benefits of using a customer relationship management system integrated with the mailing software, let’s see the most critical ones:

To get a 360-degree overview of the process

CRMs are contact database tools to start with, so they have the most extensive client profiles.

Nimble CRM contacts, for example, have over 40 defaults fields

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