Fusion 360 2020 Year in Review

“One of the things 2020 has taught us is that we are more resilient then we’ve ever believed.” 

– CEO Andrew Anagnost 

2020 showed us just how much good we can create when we come together and use the technologies available to us. It also showed us how connected we are and that the nature of work has evolved. More and more of us have adapted to ways of working remotely and with teams around the world. Our commitment to your success remained unwavering as we helped each other overcome challenges that we were all dealing with.  

Without skipping a beat, we delivered a total of 35 product updates in 2020. These updates included brand new workspaces, powerful new functionality, and tons of feature improvements, all of which contribute towards the 3 major areas of focus we’ve been working towards:  

Maturing Design & Engineering  Pushing what’s possible in Manufacturing Strengthening Data Management

We move so fast that it’s always good to slow down and look at what we accomplished last year. Here’s a quick look at 2020, the year in review. We can’t wait to show you what we have cooking for 2021. 

2020 Year in Review Timeline


January 22

Electronics Design becomes apart of the Fusion 360 toolset

By tightly integrating electronics design into the Fusion 360 experience, you’re now able to create, design, and manage associative circuit schematics, PCB layouts, and 3D representation of your circuit boards like never before.

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March 10

New Modeling & 3D Printing workflows

A better 3D Sketch experience become available


– Assembly joints have been drastically improved for usability


– Edit-in-Place for X-ref assemblies launched as a preview


– Slice and generate gcode for FDM printers in additive manufacturing


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April 14

Advanced Manufacturing tools become available in the Manufacture Extension

– Fusion Team now has team file sharing control


– PCB Quick Route Guided tool added to Electronics Design


– Electronics cooling Simulation becomes available in preview


Manufacturing Extension now includes toolpath trimming, 4 axis rotary, and 5 axis steep & Shallow


*To help support our community, we extended our free trial and made the Manufacture Extension free for everyone through May 31st


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May 12

Drawings enhancements pick up momentum

– Drawings environment receives sketching tools, line weight control, improved title-block editing, as well as Document and Sheet Settings accessibility.


– Electronics Design Push/Pull managed libraries in Autodesk EAGLE


– Event Simulation graduates from preview / now available in production


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June 23

The Summer “blockbuster” product update

– French &

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