Grow with the Unity Certified Instructor (UCI) Program

Have you considered using your Unity skills to help other professionals? Be part of a supportive community of instructors, share knowledge and grow. Apply to join the Unity Certified Instructor Program and take your training skills to the next level.

Who are Unity Certified Instructors?

The UCI Program was created in 2018 when Unity identified the need for accredited instructors to deliver high-quality professional training on behalf of our Unity Authorized Training Partners. The program has evolved and now serves multiple internal and external Unity Teams and Partners. 

UCIs are leaders in instruction and experts in Unity. Our qualified instructors demonstrate proficiency in Unity training. They are professional training leaders who are constantly learning and developing their Unity and teaching skills. Typically, a UCI has a professional training or teaching credential and a Unity Professional Certification

They teach and train Unity users to reach their creative goals, and to aim high. Goals can include helping creators get Unity certified for job readiness and creating virtual reality (VR) simulations to help researchers in medical, architecture, engineering, and other fields. Ultimately, UCIs help professionals create solutions with Unity to solve hard problems that extend across industries and interests. 

Our UCI community is growing: we are now a team of more than 100 instructors in over 45 countries. We thought it was high time to bring everyone together to deepen relationships, learn about each other’s businesses, and identify ways we can continue to grow and best serve Unity creators globally. That’s when the UCI Summit was born.

Our first ever UCI Summit was a success!

In November 2020, we launched our first ever UCI Summit. Our two-day online event connected current and future Unity Certified Instructors and Unity experts to discuss best practices, learn about Unity’s exciting developments, share past projects and celebrate the vibrant Unity instructor community. Leaders in training and education from over 40 countries came together for two days of learning and collaboration. A shared vision emerged from our diverse range of participants – to elevate Unity Certification to reach new heights.

Some highlights of the UCI Summit included training delivery-related talks on how to overcome the Unity learning curve, how to use Unity’s Curricular Framework, practical Unity training tips, and XR content such as teaching VR, Unity Mars to illustrate the future of augmented reality (AR), and more. To access this exclusive content, apply to become a UCI! More information on how to apply at the end of this blog post.

The event also offered on-demand sessions on training skills catering to different UCI levels and needs. UCIs wishing to run their own training business attended on-demand sessions such as “How to become a Unity Authorized Training Partner” to learn more about how to commercialize their training business and further increase their revenue streams.  

Social and interactive sessions helped our global community bond even tighter, through Q&As, a Game Jam, a Zoom background creative face-off, and a Certified Whisky Talk.

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Animated Zoom background created in Unity during our first UCI Summit, by Krystian Bablinski, UCI

What does a UCI do?

A Unity Certified Instructor delivers instructor-led courses on behalf of Unity’s Authorized Training

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