Sales Stages – A Deep Dive Into How To Be a Successful Lead Owner

In any business scenario, the customer connecting to the brand has to transit from several stages throughout the sales funnel. And sales stages itself is the method by which you can monitor your customers as soon as they enter your sales funnel up to the point where they become long term customers.

There are concisely five lead stages in the process of sales. Let us dive into the stages of the sales funnel and get to know how Apptivo’s Leads and Opportunities Apps help in managing sales and converting your leads.

Stages of a Customer

When a person gets in touch with the internet in case of a requirement, he tends to search for the product or service. As soon as the internet understands the needs of the person, he is catered with a variety of advertisements and commercials regarding the product from a variety of brands. And with the appearing frequency of the advertisements, a user is meant to click and visit the company portal sooner or later. This makes the user to get connected with the brand in a way or more. He may be subjected to a newsletter subscription by entering his email or message outreach using his phone number. Through this method, a user gets access to valuable content of the brand like eBooks, checklists, brochures, etc.

Hence, before defining your lead stages, you have to assess your business and understand your sales process and the type of customers you have. Therefore, using this, you can define the sales stages of your company and plan your sales process. The main stages in the process of lead generation often used by businesses include:

Subscriber Stage

This is the first stage of the sales of a business and starts when a user clicks on an ad displayed over different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, GoogleAds, etc., and gets redirected to a company landing page. Then, the user gives his Email address as the only piece of information to the company and using it, the company makes the person a new lead to the sales process.

Hence, at this stage, the person only becomes a subscriber of the brand and not yet a prospect. With Apptivo’s Leads application, you can collect the subscribers information and put them through a qualification cycle and convert them to an opportunity once you identify a potential chance. Apptivo Opportunities application then gives you complete and automatic control over the prospects and their contacts giving you a hassle-free experience of the first stage of the sales pipeline.

The Lead Development Stage

When the subscriber gets connected to your brand, you need to contact them with the right content on a well-planned interval. If the user gets contacted a lot of times by your company, he will eventually engage with your brand based on the content you deliver. They may start visiting your website regularly to explore their needs and potentially sign up for your product or ask a question.

Hence, at this stage, a brand has access to even more contact details of the lead. Therefore the company has to give them more engaging content regarding the product and develop them as a prospect. Apptivo suite of CRM apps gives you control of the leads by having a dedicated sales

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