and Airtable: Scaling at the speed of innovation

With Airtable, teams are more efficient, better informed, and have the clarity needed to create high-impact products.

Multiple sources of user research and customer feedback are now consolidated and synthesized as part of the product planning processes. The resulting roadmap on Airtable becomes a live and collaborative source-of-truth for the product direction, increasing efficiency and alignment across the broader organization and enabling teams to drive deeper business value.

Scaling at the speed of innovation

Speed and innovation are what is all about. The company’s cloud-based platform allows anyone who works with video to view and share edits, create timecode-specific notes, communicate about projects, and share onscreen markups on-the-fly. Like many innovative tech companies,’s product is at its heart. Their product roadmap keeps their heart beating: it unites the whole company, and ultimately drives user-base growth and satisfaction. As the company grew, and more people worked on the product, it got harder to scale communication about roadmap changes across the organization.

The challenge: Plenty of information, but no way to find it

The product roadmap developed organically through a combination of spreadsheets, Google Docs, and Google slides, which scattered and siloed key information. For example, user feedback—an essential input to product development—was abundant, but hard to find. With no systematic way to map customer anecdotes and pain points to product features and improvements, it was hard to share customer stories with the broader product organization.

User feedback was just one example of hard-to-find information. Because the roadmap lived in different documents and weekly updates, it often fell out of date, leaving GTM partners wondering what the product team was working on next. Beyond hindering their speed, this presented a challenge: how would stay aligned between product and GTM to best deliver value to its customers?

The solution: A flexible, responsive roadmap — and team

When Sam Seely, Director of Product, joined the company as its third product hire, the team was still managing the roadmap in different presentations, documents, and spreadsheets—every quarter he and the team would try a new method to share product updates with the rest of the company. As the company grew, it became harder to keep everyone up to date through the methods that had worked in the past.

We were spending so much time trying to find information that by the time we found it, the opportunity had passed. — Tanya Smallwood, Director of Product Development

When Seely heard about Airtable’s no-code app development platform, he thought it could make the roadmap an accessible, living document, and save product managers time by giving them a single source to update. He signed up for a free account and started migrating information into his first base. He quickly realized Airtable could do anything a prepackaged roadmap solution could do, but in an entirely non-prescriptive way. Using features like shared views and filters, and reporting and dashboards, teams could build the processes they needed without compromising or adapting to a workflow that didn’t make sense to them. Best of all, the roadmap that the product team started living in every day was the same roadmap that was accessible to GTM teams within—everyone was on the same page, in real-time.

At the same time, David Kong, Senior User Insight Manager, got to work

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