Get on Top of Time Management and Maximize Your Productivity

Time. It’s a resource that you can’t afford to waste when you’re a small business owner. Every day, it feels like you’re juggling 20 different tasks — and at least 5 of them are on fire while you’re riding a unicycle. Yes, I compared it to a circus because oftentimes, that’s what it feels like when you’re wearing so many hats.

The to-do list never seems to shrink and time management seems impossible. It can get stressful.

What if I told you that you could change that. Time management is a tool that every effective small business needs.

Finding a method or 10 that works for you could increase the amount of time you have in your day and free you up to get back to enjoying your hobbies.

Grab your to-do list because it’s time to turn it into a game plan.

Get Started Making Goals

A great baseline for better managing your time is goal setting. It’s how you know where to go next because you can’t get there if you don’t know where you want to be. That’s a mouthful. I promise it’s not that deep.

Get SMART about setting your goals. Grand long-term goals can be broken into smaller, short-term goals that propel your business in the right direction.

Break those goals down to even smaller bites that you can take on weekly or even daily. If it feels like you might be making your to-do list even longer, don’t worry. Tips to crunch it down are coming up — just keep reading. 

Take the Time to Prioritize

Rome wasn’t built in a day and having your hands on everything at once is a wildfire waiting to happen. While multitasking might seem like a great idea, it could do more harm than good.

One important item at a time is the way to go. Accept that you may not get everything done in one day — that’s OK.

Make a star next to the items that are a major must-do or time-sensitive. While prioritizing, you may find tasks that are redundant or altogether unnecessary. 

When prioritizing your to-do list, ask yourself:

Is everyone on board? While this might be your company, you’ll want buy-in from stakeholders and any team members. Having everyone throughout the company on one accord and moving toward the same goals helps move your business in the right direction. Do my priorities align with my goals? This should examine the overarching ‘why’ of this task. Everything should be done for a reason. If there’s no clear connection between this task and your key objectives, don’t rush to remove it. Although you’ve not identified its level of priority, it may be something that can be used later as a fresh take. Shift it to a non-essential list. Will I be honest with myself? If the tasks you’ve been making a top priority aren’t helping get you closer to company goals, ask yourself why. Use that to either reprioritize or create a more relevant goal. Keep Track of the Time

Timekeeping isn’t only important when working on a client’s work for billing purposes. Monitoring where you’re spending your time can help identify moments where you may

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