How to Jumpstart Your 2021 Growth with Nimble CRM

If you decided that 2021 was going to be the year when you finally implemented a CRM for your company, or if you decided that you will transition into a new contact management software and are considering Nimble, this article is for you. 

We recently hosted a webinar in which we discussed all of the “why’s” companies ask when it comes to implementing a CRM, such as “why do we need it? How can it help us? Why Nimble?” 

We also covered all the improvements that we made to the platform in 2020 and shared the features that are on our roadmap for this year. Feel free to read the post summary or watch the video below.

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What is Contact Management?

Contact management is, for many people, whatever is handy and available to us. For some people, it’s post-it notes or spreadsheets. For others, it might be Google Contacts or Outlook Contacts. And for some others, it might be a CRM solution.

Many small businesses don’t use any client management software; this is a testimony to the fact that CRMs don’t really work as relationship managers. Back in the day, salespeople and business owners used to use Rolodexes and daytimers. Later, those evolved into the first CRMs, such as GoldMine or ACT!. 

Now, many of us (at least from the sales perspective) interact with CRMs. However, we’re still struggling to find a platform that gives us the power to do the things that we need to do. Teams need a CRM with social media integrations, deal tracking and reporting, email marketing capabilities, and all of the other essentials to maintain their relationships. 

Breaking Down the Contact Siloes with CRM

We built Nimble because we know that you already have contacts that you engage with personally and professionally, but they are siloed in your contact platforms; whether it’s via MS365 (formerly Office 365) or Google Workspace (formerly Google G Suite), your social applications, or more importantly in your business applications that you are using to run your business. Every company has some application(s) with contacts in it, such as marketing automation systems like MailChimp or an accounting system like QuickBooks. 

Nimble solves the issue of siloed contacts by combining all these disparate islands into one single application. This way, you and all your team members know exactly where to go to access company contact records and any information about your prospects or customers. Nimble is a unified, enriched contact management software with social media integrations that helps teams work better together.

A Unified, Shared Social CRM Platform

Nimble makes it easy to bring in all your contacts from various different siloes. Outlook Contacts can be imported with our one-click MS365 connector; it’s ridiculously easy to bring in your Google Contacts as well.

If you have company spreadsheets where you’ve been storing information about your customers, you can simply just save them as a CSV file and use our contact wizard to help you map all the necessary fields. Do you have contacts in any third-party applications like MailChimp, QuickBooks Online, etc.? No problem at all. You can easily unify all your contacts in Nimble using our integration with PieSync as well as to keep them in sync.

Once all your contacts are in, we tie them with

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