Photographer Tom Wang: ‘something magical happens when it becomes dark, and the lights go on’

Tom Wang is a piano teacher and part-time photographer based in Wiesbaden, Germany. He discovered his passion for photography around ten years ago when he first held a DSLR camera in his hands.

He now runs his own studio, shooting portraits for a range of clients including business professionals, musicians and entertainers and doting pet owners, as well as indulging in his love for travel photography.

We caught up with Tom to learn more about his work, how he juggles two businesses and why he chose to make the switch to Affinity Photo.

You were a full-time piano teacher. How did you get into the world-of-photography, and when did it become more than a hobby for you?

Actually, my piano classes still make up the main part of my business, I’m still in the process of developing my photography business to a greater scale. So far, having a lot of music students has been very helpful, as knowing my studio work a lot of them either get involved in a portrait session personally or recommend my service to their friends and contacts. So, fortunately, both go hand in hand quite well.

There was actually no specific reason that got me into photography. At some point, I decided to get myself a DSLR camera to see what I could do with it. I then started playing around with it, as well as studying every workshop or book related to photography that I could grab. Eventually, that passion caught fire to the extent that I decided to make more out of it than just a hobby.

Tell us about the work you do now and what a typical working day looks like.

Apart from my piano classes during weekdays, which are mostly scheduled from midday to afternoon, I usually do all client shoots on weekends or, if possible, before noon. That is also the time I edit all images from my personal work and plan my future projects. As the timetable of my music classes is quite busy, I do most of my personal projects during holidays and then end up with a lot of images I have to take care of in my downtime. I still have unprocessed images from my first travel to Hong Kong in 2017, which is quite embarrassing!

You have quite a diverse portfolio. What is your favourite subject matter to photograph and why?

This diversity is the result of the demand from my clients and my personal projects. With almost all of my client work being either personal, business or pet portraits, I get really excited when I can disconnect from the daily routine and travel to some great places. I do love both tasks.

There is a lot of creative potential in all genres of photography that you can take advantage of. I would say, while portrait work is a challenge, travel photography is a passion for me, so I enjoy both, but in different ways.

A lot of your cityscape and street photography is captured at night. What is it about night-time photography that appeals to you?

It must be the colours. There is something magical that happens when all those colours come to life. Although I occasionally get compelling images in the daytime, the atmosphere completely changes when it becomes dark, and the

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