The Nimble Prospector Browser Extension Has Been Updated for Firefox Users!

Product Updates The omnipresent Nimble Prospector browser extension is now better than ever for Firefox users! It’s now easier than ever to manage relationships wherever you engage including prospecting new contacts, enriching leads with business details including email and phone, logging activities, viewing contact and company details for existing contacts,…Read More

Employee Spotlight: The Human Faces Behind Artificial Intelligence

Webroot BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence relies on the collective power of millions of devices working together. But what sometimes gets lost is the actual humans behind bringing this technology to market. In this Employee Spotlight, we talk to Account Development Executive, Jordan Gray, who works with C-level executives to integrate threat…Read More

Meet Nikola Tesla: Inventor of the Induction Motor, Polyphase Electricity, Fluorescent Lighting, and the Tesla Coil

A holder of 308 patents across 27 countries and five continents, Nikola Tesla, helped revolutionize the electrical world. The Serbian-American inventor’s time with Thomas Edison and Westinghouse gave rise to some of his greatest creations—eventually leading to his own electric company: Tesla Electric Light and Manufacturing. How did Tesla’s scientific…Read More