3D PCB Design and Analysis: The Benefits of MCAD and ECAD

Most printed circuit board (PCB) designers are familiar with utilizing different software for a singular project. Differing PCB software can hinder efficient 3D electronic design, manifest miscommunication, and stall functionality. Let’s explore the three main benefits of using PCB design software to combine ECAD (electronic computer-aided design) and MCAD (mechanical…Read More

What Does the Future of 3D Printing Look Like?

Once a novelty pipe dream but now an established technology, 3D printing (or additive manufacturing) is positioned for real, important growth. Remember the early days of 3D printing? We shared a collective excitement for model versions of the Brooklyn Bridge and iconic cartoon characters to adorn our desks. Now, 3D…Read More

What is Aerospace Engineering?

Decidedly the least grounded profession in the field of engineering, aerospace engineers examine our relationship with the world above us. Since the field’s official 1958 emergence, engineers have helped humans travel — commercially, militarily, and exploratively. Aerospace industry advancements have improved how quickly, safely, and efficiently this has been made…Read More

3DXTech & Gearbox3D Take Additive Manufacturing To the Next Level

In the last ten years, massive additive manufacturing innovations have firmly planted digital manufacturing into the industry’s zeitgeist. However, today two of the most pressing challenges for the technology remain: How do you print something with plastic that goes beyond a prototype? How do you reliably print with high temperature…Read More

5 Tips for Creating Exceptional Renderings

Dirt bike rendering created with Fusion 360. Designers and engineers may already know that rapid prototyping is crucial to getting products to market. Creating 3D renders helps bring projects to life and allows teams to produce numerous iterations in relatively short order. However, creating detailed renderings isn’t always simple. Creative…Read More

The Role of Machine Learning in Industrial Automation

These days, most professionals are trying to accomplish tasks faster than ever before. An invigorated focus on efficiency and proactivity has been the impetus for this shift. While traditional industries aren’t eliminating the human element from the equation, many are looking to strategically offload certain tasks. Machine learning adoption is…Read More

Achieving Better Additive Manufacturing Outcomes in Generative Design

As part of the December 2020 update of Fusion 360, we delivered a hidden gift just in time for the holidays: a new method for generating additive manufacturing outcomes. Internally, we call this project Additive 2.0, and it is part of our Experimental Generative Solvers and Features preview. This new method should go a long way to improve the shape…Read More