Employee Spotlight: The Human Faces Behind Artificial Intelligence

Webroot BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence relies on the collective power of millions of devices working together. But what sometimes gets lost is the actual humans behind bringing this technology to market. In this Employee Spotlight, we talk to Account Development Executive, Jordan Gray, who works with C-level executives to integrate threat…Read More

Telegram security and privacy tips

Facebook’s WhatsApp recently updated its privacy policy, causing many disgruntled users to switch to rival messengers, among them Telegram. Thanks largely to this exodus, Telegram added 25 million new users in just a few days, pushing its user base over the 500 million mark. That makes this the perfect time…Read More

How to tell if a website is taking your (browser) fingerprints

Whether you’re looking at the whorls and loops of a fingertip or analogously unique browser information, using a fingerprint is a highly accurate way to identify someone. It’s a lot harder to get a person’s fingerprint without their knowledge, but all kinds of services on the Internet ID users by…Read More

Hard-coded account in ZyXel equipment

This past Christmas, researcher Niels Teusink of the Dutch company EYE reported a vulnerability in Zyxel equipment: an undocumented admin-level account called “zyfwp” with a hard-coded password in a number of hardware firewalls and wireless controllers. The firmware code contains the password, which is unencrypted. Owners are urgently advised to…Read More

Air-Fi is another path to stealing data from an isolated computer

To keep secret information beyond the reach of attackers, organizations place it on devices that are not connected to a local network, let alone the Internet — so-called air-gapped computers. However safe that may sound, infecting such a machine or a network segment is actually not that difficult (recall the…Read More