Gravit Designer 2020–1.3 is here!

The newest version of Gravit Designer, 2020-1.3, is fresh out of the oven and filled with great (and much-awaited) new features, besides big improvements and lots of bug fixes! Read on to know the highlights of this incredible update.  Touchscreen version  This is a feature that’s been much requested since Gravit Designer’s first years of existence, and yes,…Read More

Real-Time Design Collaboration

The Gravit Designer team proudly presents the new feature that is a perfect fit for teams and sharing your design work: Real-Time Collaboration.  Collaboration workflow  With this new feature, you and your team-mates can collaborate on design files, leaving comments and annotations on your work in real-time using the new Comments panel, located next to the Inspector panel on the right side of the UI. …Read More