Tune in Live to Explore 3DEXPERIENCE Works

There’s been a lot of talk about 3DEXPERIENCE Works, and in 2021 we’re going to show you this portfolio in a new, up-close and personal way. Join us on Thursday, January 28 at 11 AM EST for the first episode of our new YouTube Live show Exploring 3DEXPERIENCE Works. [embedded…Read More

Choppers, Machining, and Community [Podcast] with Jason Pohl

“Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” –J.K. Rowling How would you feel about having to design a new product every two weeks, all while having a full television production crew watching you work? THEN, having the video sent to 150+ countries around the world. No pressure, right? That was…Read More

Brush up on your SOLIDWORKS skills at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021!

With 130 amazing classes, you will find super helpful SOLIDWORKS sessions with plenty of tips from seasoned users and SOLIDWORKS technical experts as well as how-tos on all the products in the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio. Author informationRead More

The Most Engineering Technology You’ve Seen Jammed into 13 Minutes

As 2020 came to a close, it’s fair to say it was a year defined by both its difficult challenges and inventive solutions. Its lasting effects remain to be seen, though some seem more predictable at the current moment than others. One large shift we saw, partially due to necessity,…Read More

Learn How 2D DraftSight Complements 3D Design Tools

Young Industries, Inc., has manufactured conveying systems and related components since 1947 and holds many patents for problem-solving equipment. The engineering staff regularly evaluates better methods to develop, design, and manufacture custom-designed equipment for handling dry bulk materials in the chemical, petrochemical, ceramics, and coatings industries. The majority of Young…Read More

#TechTipTuesday– Dynamic XForm – DynaHandle Alignment

  Take a two-minute look at using KeyCreator’s unique DynaHandle for easy and quick alignment while working on your 3D model.    Video TRANSCRIPT: Here you can see that the movement of the DynaHandle is based on the construction plane. You can change the direction of movement by selecting an…Read More

Get Inspired: 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021 Speaker Lineup Announced

This year’s 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021 will be an all-virtual event, which means anyone anywhere can tune in and get inspired by this year’s stellar lineup of speakers. This year’s speakers represent many different industries and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Translation: there will be something of interest for…Read More

Meet Architects and Ask Questions During the Next “Make It Big” Webinar with Football Star James Develin

Earlier this month, football star James Develin reached out to students to help him reimagine what’s possible for health and fitness through design thinking. During the first Autodesk “Make It Big” webinar, Develin shared his vision for a new training and rehabilitation facility that inspires wellness through inventive uses of…Read More

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2021 – Detailing Mode and Drawing Performance

Improvements in the drawing environment are always among the most popular enhancements with the SOLIDWORKS® user base, and SOLIDWORKS 2021 is no exception. Drawing Performance When working with large assembly drawings, view manipulation is vital to a good user experience. Over the years, SOLIDWORKS has steadily optimized user ability to…Read More

Securing The Future of STEM Empowerment: This is Techwuman

One of my biggest excitements when we created the SOLIDWORKS Champions Program was that we’d be able to open previously locked doors to closer engagement with some of our most fascinating, skilled, certified, and involved users in industry from all around the world. When it comes to Melissa Ahmed and…Read More

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2021

With SOLIDWORKS® Flow Simulation 2021, you can solve additional types of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) problems and improve the processing of project results. Below we describe a few of the enhancements in Flow Simulation 2021. For a complete list, download the What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2021 PDF. Fluid Flow of…Read More

Live Webinar: Render Them Speechless with the Beauty of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Connected

So you’ve designed an amazing product—now what? It’s one thing to have an incredible design, but if you don’t have imagery to share your design with external stakeholders or vendors, it’s difficult to promote your product and bring it to market. Luckily, the design and rendering solutions in 3DEXPERIENCE® Works can…Read More

3DEXPERIENCE World 2021 Technical Sessions: Champion-Approved

You find a quiet area in the concourse. You shuffle through your backpack in search of your 3DEXPERIENCE World event program. Your eyes scan the user agenda section for the upcoming time slot. You’re careful to ensure the next session touches on either 3D Sculptor (containing xShape) or SOLIDWORKS assembly design…Read More

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2021: Working With Parts

SOLIDWORKS® 2021 introduces many enhancements that add to its already robust capabilities when working with parts, including enhancements to sheet metal, 3MF support, and weldments. For a comprehensive list of enhancements, see What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2021. Sheet Metal – Edge Flange Capabilities Now when working with sheet metal parts…Read More

Webinar Alert: Learn More About Cloud-Based Design Tools

Now more than ever, people are seeing first-hand the benefits of cloud-based design. With amazing benefits like being able to work from anywhere with an internet connection or actually getting to choose what kind of device you work with, it’s no wonder cloud-based design is turning more heads than ever.…Read More