Winning Designs – September/October’s Kitchen, Bath, and Interiors Design Contest

By Danielle Schroeder We received outstanding design entries, from Modern Country Farmhouse to Modern Contemporary for the September/October Kitchen, Bath, and Interiors Design contest. Join us in congratulating the finalists on their award-winning designs! 1st Place Winner: Savanna Beyer of Twenty One Design Savanna Beyer Savanna’s winning design was created…Read More

Designing with a Purpose

by Danielle Schroeder Savanna’s purpose is not only to create beautiful designs but to also promote independence in the workplace while giving a portion of her proceeds to the Down Syndrome Association. Savanna’s stunning Kitchen, Bath, and Interior Design Contest entry caught our eye when we first saw it, and…Read More

Award-Winning Residential Construction Designer from the Philippines

by Kendra Dorosh Are you fascinated by the different architectural styles around the world? Travel with us to Laguna, Philippines as we uncover the source of Rodante Bernabe’s seemingly endless array of extremely detailed, beautiful designs… many of which have…Read More

Winning Designs – August’s Remodel/Addition Design Contest

by Kendra Dorosh From adding completely new accommodations, to breathing fresh life into outdated designs, we’ve had some outstanding entries in the August Remodel/Addition Design contest. Join us in congratulating the finalists on their award-winning designs! 1st Place Winner: Rodante H. Bernabe Rodante’s winning design enhanced two adjacent houses that…Read More

A designer’s journey from hand-drafting to design software

by Kendra Dorosh Have you spent hours laboring over a drafting table? Remodel/ Addition Design Contest winner Sandra Lukas can relate. Sandra’s winning design in the Chief Architect Remodel/ Addition Design Contest caught our attention and inspired us to learn more about her story. It turns out that she hand-drafted…Read More


There were many unique and fun designs that were submitted for July’s Residential Design Contest and we are pleased to announce the winning designs! Grand Prize Winner: Larry Singleton of Singleton Designs Larry’s winning design is named The Honeysuckle, and its Modern Farmhouse feel was inspired by his daughter, who…Read More

Mercury Mosaics Handmade Tiles – Now Available in the 3D Library!

by Kerry Hansen The addition of these handcrafted gems within the Chief Architect Platform bring design-dreams to life. Mercury Mosaics’ Tile selections are now available in the Chief Architect 3D Library. Their addition to the Chief Architect platform benefits clients by showcasing how the tile will look in their space. The collection…Read More

3D Viewer App: A New Way for Builders and Designers to Engage and Communicate their 3D design with Clients

By: Phillip Gibney Your clients want to see more than a floor plan and elevation, right?  Renderings help; but, what about a 3D model they can experience and virtually interact with?  Export and share your designs using the Chief Architect 3D Viewer.  With the 3D Viewer, they can view the…Read More