8 Must-have Tips to Launch Your Post-COVID Start-up

Entrepreneurs looking toward a post-COVID future are launching start-ups. In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, “Americans are starting new businesses at the fastest rate in more than a decade, seizing on pent-up demand and new opportunities after the pandemic shut down and reshaped the economy.” So how should…Read More

Save On Your Startup — Launch Your Business Without Breaking the Bank

The time has come. You’ve stepped out of faith and you’re ready to launch your business. Startup costs are unpredictable and whether you’ve landed an investor or are footing the finances yourself, every penny counts. You’ll need supplies, space and staff. These “must-haves” can get unbearable if you let them.…Read More

[Podcast] The Secret to Solving Cash Flow Woes

While many concern themselves with increasing their revenue, responsible business owners recognize that it’s cash flow that keeps business afloat. For a company to stay financially healthy and prosperous throughout the years, you’ll need to keep a close eye on every single thing that’s going into and out of your…Read More

Designing Spaces – Thriving at Home and in Business

A client experience management (CXM) software on a home improvement show … it makes sense. Think about it, just like any home improvement project, business workflows need expert strategy and design. This award-winning home improvement show focuses on refreshing spaces in need of new designs. The most recent episode of…Read More

[Podcast] Plan All Year Long to Maximize Your Tax Deduction

Tax planning as a small business is crucial to financial success, and that’s all the more reason to get ahead of tax season. Waiting until the eleventh hour to get the ball rolling increases your chances of getting an audit. You also run the risk of missing out on significant…Read More

Facebook Live Recap: Gene Marks Talks Small Business Financing, Tax Tips & More

In case you missed it, we hosted author and columnist Gene Marks on Facebook Live to discuss all things small business financing. Thryv’s social media pro, Chandlor Wright, interviews Marks to get the latest tips on loan forgiveness, a second stimulus and overall business development. Marks kicks off this chat…Read More

[Podcast] Straight Talk: It’s Time for Small Biz to Embrace Digital Adoption

Business owners put in place several short-term changes when the pandemic hit. What they didn’t realize was they were preparing for the future. COVID-19 proved to be the push that businesses needed to fast-track digital adoption. In the latest episode of the “Winning on Main Street” podcast, renowned small business…Read More

[Podcast] This Protein Pancake Business Really Muscled Up After ‘Shark Tank’

When faced with several major life transitions at once, including quitting a job and getting divorced, Ashley Drummonds turned to fitness to build her confidence back up. Her focus on a healthier life led to creating a protein-packed pancake recipe mix that turned into a business, Abs Protein Pancakes, in…Read More

[Podcast] Heather Saffer’s Sweet Success: From Cupcake Wars to Shark Tank

Heather Saffer experienced what many other entrepreneurs go through early in life — she couldn’t find a job she wanted to stay with. So she took a different route and started her own business, Dollop Gourmet. The ambitious business woman took a leap of faith and competed on Food Network’s…Read More

Thryv’s New Business Scan Scores Your Customers’ Online Experience

What do customers and prospects think about their online experience with your business? We’ve developed a free do-it-yourself business scan that takes just 30 seconds. Understanding how well customers interact with you online is the first step toward improving your online reputation, presence and ability to reach current and new…Read More

[Podcast] Was Your Business Model Set Up for a Quick Recovery?

Some business models were built for quicker recovery after COVID-19, says Jania Bailey, CEO of FranNet. For instance, franchise businesses benefited by having the support of their home office. In the latest episode of the “Winning on Main Street” podcast, Gordon Henry chats with Jania about how people who want to start…Read More

[Podcast] Dive into the Secrets to Franchise Success with Fish PR Consulting

Did you know that franchise companies provide jobs for about 8 million Americans today? Owning a franchise allows individuals the benefits of opening their own business while receiving support from the larger organization. Those benefits can be anything from marketing collateral or advertising tools. While we’re all familiar with the…Read More