Training by security console

The notable shortage of cybersecurity specialists on the market in recent years has become particularly problematic in 2020. The pandemic, which has led to a widespread shift to remote working, has also highlighted the need to change security strategies at many companies. Even small firms have realized that the skills…Read More

Collaboration tools from a security perspective

For many companies, the mass transition of staff to remote working created a need for new tools. Years of fine-tuning employee interaction mechanisms went down the drain overnight as IT departments scrambled to deploy market-ready collaboration solutions. These solutions aroused no less interest among cybercriminals, who smelled an opportunity to…Read More

17 Stellar Ideas to Perfect Your Business Newsletter and 30 Free Templates

This is a guest post by Hannah Butler, who works as a web developer, designer, and writer. According to a study by Digiday, Vanity Fair’s newsletter readers consume 2x more content than any other audience segment. Another study by found that Greentech Media’s newsletter visitors spend 80% more time…Read More

MontysThree: Industrial cyberspy

Our experts have found traces of activity of a new cybercriminal group that spies on industrial enterprises. The crooks are carrying out targeted attacks, using a tool that our researchers call MontysThree, looking for documents on victims’ computers. The group appears to have been active since at least as far…Read More

Malware delivery through UEFI bootkit with MosaicRegressor

Recently, our researchers uncovered a sophisticated targeted attack aimed at diplomatic institutions and NGOs in Asia, Europe, and Africa. As far as we can determine, all of the victims were connected to North Korea in one way or another, whether through nonprofit activity or diplomatic ties. The attackers used a…Read More

The Pied Piper of Hamelin and cyberweapons

Contrary to popular opinion, fairy tales and folk legends were not invented as entertainment, but to teach children (and adults) important lessons in an easy-to-understand form. Since time immemorial, storytellers have woven cybersecurity tips into their tales, hoping to make the Internet (which they foresaw) a safer place. For example,…Read More

Become a Lean Machine With These Top 8 Lean Tools (Free Templates)

Studies show that moving towards a leaner business model can improve productivity by up to 25%, increase stock turnover by 33%, and increase on-time delivery by 26%. The recognized benefits of being lean are only accumulating, with more and more studies advocating lean approaches in business for both economical and…Read More

Marketing Communication Mix: How to Build Strong Connections with Your Customers

This is a guest post from Alissa Zucker, marketing manager and writer. You can find her reading classical philosophy and writing short fiction in her spare time. It’s predicted that by the end of 2020, businesses will have spent ~$110 billion on digital advertising alone in the US. To put…Read More

How to Radically Improve Your Sales With a Sales Process Template

Etymologically-speaking, the word “template” has an interesting history. Our modern usage of it is linked to the Proto-Indo-European word “tempos”, which means “to stretch”. Specifically, though, it refers to time and the stretching of it. As time-bound human beings, making use of templates allows us to have more time each…Read More

How cybercriminals launder money stolen from banks

For some cybercriminal groups, attacks on banks and other financial institutions are like an assembly line. Many people know tracing stolen funds is usually impossible, but not everyone knows why. A joint report by BAE Systems and researchers from the payment system SWIFT details how cybercriminals launder stolen money. Money…Read More

Our Zapier Update Will Make You Happier

Great news! We’ve added even more functionality and features to enhance our Zapier integration. The results? Less manual work for you — more time to focus on what really needs your attention. If you haven’t heard about Zapier before, here’s a quick intro:  Zapier is a web service that connects…Read More

Write a Successful Project Charter With Our Project Charter Template

70% of projects fail, and the cost of this failure is a staggering $50-75 million. Project breakdown can be mitigated via a project charter, and in this article, we at Process Street will show you how. By following our Project Charter Template, you will target project failure from the root.…Read More

How to fight delayed phishing

Phishing has long been a major attack vector on corporate networks. It’s no surprise, then, that everyone and everything, from e-mail providers to mail gateways and even browsers, use antiphishing filters and malicious address scanners. Therefore, cybercriminals are constantly inventing new, and refining old, circumvention methods. One such method is…Read More

Get Your Team Started With MeisterTask

MeisterTask is a task management tool designed with collaboration in mind. We help teams from all over the world coordinate their activities, delegate responsibilities and get more done. Whether you’re working in a small group or managing a huge team with employees in various locations, our unique combination of powerful…Read More

Go Lean and Go Green: Green Technology to Future Proof Your Business

In 2018 the green technology market was valued at $6.85 billion. This figure is projected to increase to $44.61 billion, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 26%. This change comes as a response to our present-day environmental crisis. In this sense, green technology provides a knife for our…Read More

Survey on industrial cybersecurity in 2020

Every security officer views remote connections to corporate systems as a potential threat. For infosec experts at industrial enterprises, and especially at critical infrastructure facilities, the threat feels very real.Every security officer views remote connections to corporate systems as a potential threat. For infosec experts at industrial enterprises, and especially…Read More