Refresh Customer Personas for Post-COVID Business Success

COVID-19 shook up last year; even those with 20/20 vision couldn’t see it coming. There were more challenges than any customer journey map could have planned. For those small businesses across America who managed to hold their own, they came out flourishing, with an array of new services, exciting offers…Read More

[Podcast] Thryv Foundation Grant Recipients Bounce Back

Earlier this year, Thryv Foundation provided three rounds of funds to recipients of its Small Business COVID-19 Grant Program in hopes of keeping dozens of businesses afloat. In the latest episode of the “Winning on Main Street” podcast, we catch up with three business owners we met in the spring…Read More

[Podcast] Step Up Effective Communication and Watch Your Business Grow

When it comes to building your business, effective communication plays a big role in your success. This goes beyond simply pushing sales and promotions onto your customers. As a business owner, you must do what Gene Gates calls closing the loop, so you can break out of that problematic one-way…Read More

Exclusive Report: Did COVID-19 Sink Small Business Reputation?

For the past year, Thryv has analyzed more than 58,000 small businesses across America. Our goal was to better understand how small businesses were presenting themselves online. We also wanted to discover how they could improve important metrics, such as search results and customer sentiment. With their permission, we ran…Read More

Providing the Best Customer Experience in the COVID Economy

Contributed by Small Business Expert Barry Moltz Customers changed when the COVID pandemic forced the physical closing of millions of small business retail and office locations this year. With the “shelter in place” and restrictions on “in-person” contact, how to provide the best customer experience to get and retain customers…Read More

[Podcast] Straight Talk: It’s Time for Small Biz to Embrace Digital Adoption

Business owners put in place several short-term changes when the pandemic hit. What they didn’t realize was they were preparing for the future. COVID-19 proved to be the push that businesses needed to fast-track digital adoption. In the latest episode of the “Winning on Main Street” podcast, renowned small business…Read More

After COVID, an Up-to-Date Google My Business Listing is Crucial

We know that when COVID-19 struck, many hard-working people were met with days of struggle, including small business owners. Luckily, adversity builds character and there are tools in place to help. Google My Business is necessary to not only navigate these trying times but also keep customers in the loop.…Read More

Small Businesses Looking back, Moving Forward: Lessons COVID Taught Us

The COVID-19 outbreak wreaked more havoc around the globe than anyone could have anticipated. Business owners, big and small, struggled to cope from the beginning. For small businesses, the window of opportunity to react to the pandemic was smaller than the businesses themselves. The crisis is still unfolding; however, in…Read More

[Podcast] Will Your Business Qualify for a Second PPP Loan? We Ask Lendio

Brock Blake runs Lendio, the largest marketplace for small business loans in America. We can all thank him for making the government’s COVID-19 PPP loan program actually reach the small business owners on Main Street. In the latest episode of the “Winning on Main Street” podcast, Blake discusses how Lendio’s…Read More

Real-World Funding & Consulting Resources for Small Businesses

Even in the best of times, building and running a small business is challenging. But 2020 has been anything but the best of times for most small business people. COVID-19, government lockdowns and street protests are just a few of the challenges small business people have had to overcome. Luckily…Read More

COVID-19 Study: Small Businesses Say Their Concern Is Rising Again

Thryv and America’s Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) have conducted an on-going joint study over the past several months in multiple waves to understand exactly how deeply the coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted small businesses. As devastation from the virus swept the nation, we committed to updating the study regularly. Week-over-week data…Read More