Clean and Organize Your CRM Data for the New Year

Make no mistake, your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a fantastic tool. It holds information about the entire lifecycle of your current and potential customers, allowing you to track interactions and grow relationships. Even better, the benefits of this data span your entire organization, from sales and marketing teams…Read More

Ranking the top email marketing platforms by their CRM features

Can you rely on your email marketing platform to do the job of a CRM?  Email marketing software offers users a basic way to manage their database of contacts, which makes it extremely valuable to new businesses. But in order to grow your business, you’ll eventually need sales tools that…Read More

New Streak University video: Contacts and organizations

Last month we launched our Streak University site, which hosts a series of bite-sized video lessons that allows you to structure your own learning and training in Streak. We unveiled nine videos to help you get started with Streak, but that’s just the beginning. Our newest video explains the…Read More

Want to Retain Your Customers? Keep the Conversation Going

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Left navigation menu — We’re moving a few things around

Left navigation menu — We’re moving a few things around Everybody loves a good declutter. You know the drill — move things around, create dedicated space, consolidate. It allows us to find what we have more easily and make room for something new ✨. Find pipelines in the left-hand menu alongside Mail, Meet, and more. We dusted…Read More

Technology is the Solution to this Year’s Burnout

Burnout: It may not be a medical diagnosis, but it’s real. Work-related stress can take a toll on the mind and body, whether you’re in-office or clocking in from home. It’s easy to get engulfed in work or running a business. Without realizing it, you become so overwhelmed and emotionally…Read More