Thryv Wins 2020 APPEALIE Award for Customer Success

Do you see us blushing over here? That’s right, it’s another award for Thryv’s software. We’re honored to be name a 2020 APPEALIE Award winner for Customer Success. This award is special to us for a few reasons: First, the APPEALIE Award review process is one of the most discerning…Read More

Barry Moltz: What the 2021 Customer Experience Will Look Like

Contributed by Small Business Expert Barry Moltz Customers’ habits drastically changed when the COVID pandemic forced the physical closing of millions of small business retail and office locations this year. With expected restrictions on “in-person” contact continuing into 2021, how can you continue to provide the best customer experience to…Read More

What is customer experience? 8 CX experts share their definitions and best advice

Customer experience can make or break a brand. If buyers have a positive experience with your company, they’ll turn into repeat customers, and generate steady referrals for your business. The opposite is true, of course. Providing a poor customer experience earns you a reputation that could sink your business in…Read More

Why Top Brands Are Obsessed With Phygital Marketing

You’re waiting for the train on your way to work. You’ve got a long day ahead, and don’t feel like swinging by the grocery store afterward. Fortunately, there’s a supermarket kiosk on the platform. You scan the barcodes with your phone and arrange for your food to be delivered when…Read More

Providing the Best Customer Experience in the COVID Economy

Contributed by Small Business Expert Barry Moltz Customers changed when the COVID pandemic forced the physical closing of millions of small business retail and office locations this year. With the “shelter in place” and restrictions on “in-person” contact, how to provide the best customer experience to get and retain customers…Read More

Improving Customer Experience in a Digital World

By definition, consumer expectations are any set of behaviors or actions that individuals anticipate when interacting with a company. In the past, consumers have expected essential experiences like quality service and fair pricing—but modern consumers have much higher expectations, such as proactive customer service, highly-personalized messaging, and connected experiences across…Read More

The Power of Online Reviews: Build Brand Reputation and Win Big

Once upon a time, the idea of asking people for their honest thoughts on your product, and displaying those thoughts for the world to see seemed like an odd thing to do. Now, technology has changed how we shop for products and services, and people share their everyday experiences on…Read More

Are You Turning Off Your Customers? Here Are 6 Ways to Win Them Back

We live in a consumer-driven marketplace and, as we know, that means evolving expectations. After 20 years in the industry, I live and breathe all things customer experience and, considering the year we’re having, there’s an obvious shift in what customers expect out of businesses. At one point, companies could…Read More

Instagram Live Recap: How Customer Experience Can Transform Your Business

Our lives have transformed radically within the last four months. While the change was inescapable, it certainly exposed some points of fragility in our businesses. Ryan Cantor, Thryv’s VP of Product & Marketing, joined technology advisor Kendall Matthews recently on Instagram Live to discuss the importance of business resilience while…Read More

All Things Modern: Cutting-edge Software for a Flexible Workspace

While the concept of flexible co-working space wasn’t new when Paula Blair started Soar Co-Working in 2017, the idea of planting it in the middle of suburban Tampa, Fla., was a novel approach. She spent her first year building her new business idea, but didn’t have a modern system to…Read More