5 Ways Application Development Software Is Changing

Application development is an integral part of any growing business, however, traditional hand-coding is time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, the latest advancements in programming can help you launch apps quickly. Artificial IntelligenceAs with any business, most IT experts consider AI as an intricate part of the future of software development. Contrary…Read More

Deprecate Web Plugin

Linx is deprecating the Web Plugin. Why are we doing this? When we initially released the Web plugin, it contained very limited functionality.  Over time, additional functions and services were added, causing the plugin to grow significantly in size and scope. Splitting up the existing functionality into separate plugins will…Read More

Linx Plugins: The art of visual development

At the heart of any low-code development platform, you will find user-friendly features that enable developers to create applications without having to hand-code everything.  The Linx plugins library Linx include various pre-packaged plugins that can easily be added to your solutions to perform a range of tasks, including: Programming tasks,…Read More

How to Build a REST API in low-code [a step-by-step guide]

REST APIs are pretty much everywhere. They are the standard method to expose databases to clients and knowing how to develop a REST API is a necessity at all layers of the stack.By using one of the many public APIs out there, you can expand the functionality of your application…Read More

How process automation works: a Linx perspective

A key part of digital transformation is process automation. Greater efficiencies in resources, time and cost can be achieved when business processes are automated. Do you want to automate your business processes with Linx, but you don’t know how it all works?  How to build an automated process with Linx…Read More

How to Secure Your API With JSON Web Tokens

A simple way of adding authorisation to your Linx solutions See the sample JSON Web Tokens (JWT) have become somewhat of an industry-standard for securing REST API’s. The main advantage of JWT is that each token is self-contained, meaning that it contains all information needed to allow or deny any…Read More

Process flows: From input to output

Code is the backbone of most software programs and applications. Each line of code serves as an instruction—a logical, step-by-step mechanism for computers, servers, and other machines to perform an action. In computer programming, there are different levels of code. Computers understand binary code, which is a series of 0’s…Read More

Working with API’s… for low-code dummies (and how Linx can help you)

There are different ways to integrate one system or application with another. Using an API (Application Programming Interface) is one such way. This allows different systems to communicate with one another based upon a set of predefined rules and methods.A low-code development platform like Linx can lighten your load and…Read More

The economics and benefits of a low code, agile IT department

In an IT department not so long ago, the main concern of an IT manager was the rate of resolution for helpdesk tickets. However, today’s IT department faces a variety of new challenges. As well as being able to efficiently meet the needs of users in a cost-effective way and…Read More

6 Tools for API design, development and testing

From design to deploy, these tools will have your API and microservices up and running in no time. With today’s businesses running a plethora of systems across diverse environments, taking advantage of the modern IT economy lies in an organisations ability to create value via their APIs and microservices.  …Read More