Get ready to conquer the mobile market

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CD Projekt confirms ransomware attack on internal system | Kaspersky official blog

CD Projekt has issued a statement, saying that unspecified ransomware attacked the company’s information systems. The company, known for game series The Witcher and the notorious Cyberpunk 2077 project and behind digital distribution service, says that to its knowledge users’ personal data wasn’t affected by the attack. What happened?…Read More

How gamers get duped: Real-life stories | Kaspersky official blog

People learn more from their mistakes than from cautionary tales of scam and fraud, so, for today’s security postmortem, we collected edifying tales from real-life gamers. Here are four from victims and one from a perpetrator. Gift fraud Mikhail Mad_Bucket, 23, translator: “About seven years ago, something pretty interesting happened…Read More

Create high-fidelity worlds with NatureManufacture

Build AAA-quality real-world environments Creating high-fidelity immersive worlds for players requires massive attention to detail – and specific expertise that most of us don’t have. The team at NatureManufacture does, though, and they’ve created stellar wildlife and landscape content that’s lovingly crafted to reflect real-world environments. Whether you’re prototyping a concept…Read More

Malware wrapped in Cyberpunk 2077

No sooner was Cyberpunk 2077 released for Windows and consoles than we came across a “beta version for Android” online. It was completely free to download from a site bearing the name cyberpunk2077mobile[.]com. The game’s actual developer has yet to announce any mobile version of the game, so we decided…Read More

Thank you for joining us on Unite Now – we’ll see you in 2021

This year, we launched Unite Now, our content hub for sessions, demos, and shows to entertain, educate, and inspire. We’ve wrapped up content for 2020, but we’ll be back with even more in 2021 In this year of virtual experiences and digital content, Back in April, we launched Unite Now,…Read More

Building bridges and breaking stereotypes with gaming parents

In 2020, amid the pandemic and lockdowns, video games are popular like never before. Prejudice against them persists, however, and many see games as a waste of time at best. Shooters in particular supposedly make players aggressive and asocial. In fact, 2018 saw the classification of “gaming disorder” as an…Read More

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Battletoads hits 1 million players – check out our all-new Creator Spotlight with the dev team.

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