New Streak University video: Contacts and organizations

Last month we launched our Streak University site, which hosts a series of bite-sized video lessons that allows you to structure your own learning and training in Streak. We unveiled nine videos to help you get started with Streak, but that’s just the beginning. Our newest video explains the…Read More

Left navigation menu — We’re moving a few things around

Left navigation menu — We’re moving a few things around Everybody loves a good declutter. You know the drill — move things around, create dedicated space, consolidate. It allows us to find what we have more easily and make room for something new ✨. Find pipelines in the left-hand menu alongside Mail, Meet, and more. We dusted…Read More

Our Zapier Update Will Make You Happier

Great news! We’ve added even more functionality and features to enhance our Zapier integration. The results? Less manual work for you — more time to focus on what really needs your attention. If you haven’t heard about Zapier before, here’s a quick intro:  Zapier is a web service that connects…Read More

Completing the feedback loop with contacts and organizations improvements

Contacts and organizations help you track all of your team’s emails in contact and organization pages, send personalized mail merges, and reach out with one click. Your contacts are the backbone of your CRM, which is why we’re always working to improve them. Since launching contact and organization pages, we’ve listened…Read More