A Conversation With Factor[e] Ventures’ Industrial Design Lead Jordan Westerberg

« Back to Blog home pageImage courtesy of Factor[e] Ventures and Arch Systems. Freelance designers: it’s probably safe to say you start to feel the pressure when you’re juggling a few projects at once, right? Well, imagine just for a moment that instead of a freelancer, you’re an in-house designer…Read More


Another month is in the books, and what a beautifully creative month it has been. All of you, members of the SketchBook community, have once again demonstrated immense creativity, talent, and inspiration. Our Staff Picks for the month of August show passion across a diverse range of interests, and it…Read More

Michael DiTullo Shares His Design Process in Fusion 360

« Back to Blog home page The final smartphone renders. Michael DiTullo recently released a three-part video series with Autodesk and Wacom that shows how he takes a concept design from thumbnail sketch to final render using Fusion 360 on a Wacom Cintiq Pro. DiTullo is the epitome of a…Read More

Product Information Management: The Business of Data

« Back to Blog home pageRegardless of size – you should build your business on Fusion 360. The Business Of Fusion 360 It’s safe to say that if you clicked on this post, you are probably one of the following, a business owner, manager, someone who is hoping to turn…Read More

How, When and Why to Use Class A Geometry in Fusion 360

« Back to Blog home page“There are no beautiful surfaces, without a terrible depth.” – Friedrich Nietzsche Class A geometry was originally an automotive industry term that refers to a surface, or series of surfaces, that have curvature and tangency alignment. It’s an ideal method when working on the aesthetics…Read More

Collaboration In Fusion 360 | Part 3 | Impact for Every Project Size

« Back to Blog home page For Project Managers Fusion 360 has and will continue to de-centralize the product design and manufacturing industries by empowering companies and users to work remotely without impacting efficiency and throughput. Follow along this three-part series to see how you can deploy Fusion 360 as…Read More

Collaboration In Fusion 360 | Part 2 | Impact at Every Stage

« Back to Blog home page For Managers I’ll be sharing three tools that a company of 1 to 100+ can employ in Fusion 360 that will increase productivity 10x. From consumer electronics to furniture, architecture, and manufacturing, these workflows can be used no matter what vertical you’re working in.…Read More

Collaboration In Fusion 360 | Part 1

« Back to Blog home page For Designers and Engineers Even before a global pandemic, access to platforms that successfully enable remote cross-team, cross-departmental collaboration has been an asset. Rarely have we seen platforms that de-silo engineering and product design fields into a single tool. Recently many companies have seen…Read More