Pixyz 2020.2 – Advanced optimization for all

With the release of 2020.2 products from our partner Pixyz, Unity customers within multiple industries can benefit from new functionality that combines advanced game-inspired optimization with expanded and improved interoperability. For more detail, please refer to the documentation pages for Pixyz. Note that Pixyz Batch also benefits from all non-UI…Read More

Create Meaningful Connections with Lean Team Player

When it comes to collaboration, teams today face many challenges. Even before the pandemic-related hurdles of 2020, remote and in-person coworkers often have difficulties coming together for meetings and sharing ideas. Information visualization, meeting organization and structure, and operational processes that stifle innovation all make it hard for teammates to…Read More

What is Kata? Toyota’s Karate Concept for Lean Continuous Improvement and Coaching Success

Yōkoso! I apologize for my poor Japanse pronunciation. Pray, why am I speaking to you in Japanse? Well, for this post, we will be delving into the Japanese mindset for business using Kata. Kata is a methodology used to make businesses lean. The approach, originally used in martial arts, was…Read More

Coral Maker is Saving Coral Reefs With Additive and Traditional Manufacturing

« Back to Blog home page When many people hear “coral reef,” they picture a rainbow array of creatures coexisting on the ocean floor, snorkeling on vacation, and perhaps even the ever-optimistic Finding Nemo. However, the stark reality is that because of climate change, many of the Earth’s reefs are…Read More

New Subscription & Trial Options for Fusion 360 Extensions

« Back to Blog home pageNote: This blog post focuses on Fusion 360’s manufacturing extension, but trial and credit card purchase options have also been added for all Fusion 360 extensions. [embedded content] We launched extensions to help make high-end functionality easy to access at a significantly lower cost than…Read More

Harnessing Hybrid Manufacturing With Metal Additive & Subtractive Technologies

« Back to Blog home page Traditional subtractive manufacturing has been a reliable approach for years, but developments in additive manufacturing have drawn attention to its feasibility as a scalable solution—especially for customization, complex geometry, and small batch production. Hybrid manufacturing incorporates both additive and subtractive techniques, especially metal additive,…Read More

Toyota makes mixed reality magic with Unity and Microsoft HoloLens 2

Learn how Unity and HoloLens 2 have become essential tools one of the world’s largest automakers to streamline processes, increase understanding, and save time. One of the core principles of Toyota Motor Corporation is Kaizen (continuous improvement). In both production equipment and work procedures, Kaizen seeks to drive maximum quality,…Read More

Product Information Management: The Business of Data

« Back to Blog home pageRegardless of size – you should build your business on Fusion 360. The Business Of Fusion 360 It’s safe to say that if you clicked on this post, you are probably one of the following, a business owner, manager, someone who is hoping to turn…Read More

Empowering Honda’s designers to create beautiful interactive presentations in 1 day

At the Honda Design Center in Japan, designers need to frequently showcase their vehicle concepts and designs to management to get the green light, but they needed a better way to express “Koto-zukuri” – one of the “Strengths of Honda” focused on creating new experiences and stories around products. Working…Read More

Introduction to Electronics for Beginners | Printed Circuit Boards from 10,000 Feet

« Back to Blog home pageIf you have even a little bit of interest in learning about electronics, then you absolutely need to know about the printed circuit board or the PCB. Why? These boards are in every piece of electronics known to man, no exceptions! Open your computer, smartphone,…Read More

The road to 240 million virtual kilometers: BMW’s autonomous driving journey with Unity

Before BMW’s autonomous driving (AD) technology is mass production-ready, it will need to drive 240 million virtual kilometers. Learn how Unity is helping BMW put more on its odometer every day. In our first post, we covered how a team at BMW Fully Autonomous Driving & Driver Assistance Systems has…Read More

Modern Cloud Tools put Engineering as the Hub of Design Collaboration

Product development today is a highly collaborative endeavor. Key stakeholders from different departments throughout an organization—not just those in engineering—need to have the ability to weigh in on proposed designs. By doing so, they can provide valuable feedback at the earliest possible stages of the proposed design and throughout the…Read More

Collaboration In Fusion 360 | Part 3 | Impact for Every Project Size

« Back to Blog home page For Project Managers Fusion 360 has and will continue to de-centralize the product design and manufacturing industries by empowering companies and users to work remotely without impacting efficiency and throughput. Follow along this three-part series to see how you can deploy Fusion 360 as…Read More