Why Top Brands Are Obsessed With Phygital Marketing

You’re waiting for the train on your way to work. You’ve got a long day ahead, and don’t feel like swinging by the grocery store afterward. Fortunately, there’s a supermarket kiosk on the platform. You scan the barcodes with your phone and arrange for your food to be delivered when…Read More

[Podcast] How the Pros Go from One Location to Multiple Businesses

Whether you have one business or several locations, the key is understanding what you do exceptionally well and then make sure your team executes it flawlessly every single time, explains Mike Skitzki, COO of Franworth. “It becomes a great lens to observe your company through.” In the latest episode of…Read More

How To Create The Perfect Social Media Content Calendar Process (Free Template)

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17 Stellar Ideas to Perfect Your Business Newsletter and 30 Free Templates

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Marketing Communication Mix: How to Build Strong Connections with Your Customers

This is a guest post from Alissa Zucker, marketing manager and writer. You can find her reading classical philosophy and writing short fiction in her spare time. It’s predicted that by the end of 2020, businesses will have spent ~$110 billion on digital advertising alone in the US. To put…Read More

Modern Cloud Tools put Engineering as the Hub of Design Collaboration

Product development today is a highly collaborative endeavor. Key stakeholders from different departments throughout an organization—not just those in engineering—need to have the ability to weigh in on proposed designs. By doing so, they can provide valuable feedback at the earliest possible stages of the proposed design and throughout the…Read More

Why business owners should add photo editing to their resume

If you’re a small business owner, you know the importance of photos. Whether for your website, brochures, posters, events or social media, imagery is essential to conveying your brand’s story. But not all entrepreneurs were born with photography skills, nor can they afford professional help. As a result, photo-editing skills…Read More