Save On Your Startup — Launch Your Business Without Breaking the Bank

The time has come. You’ve stepped out of faith and you’re ready to launch your business. Startup costs are unpredictable and whether you’ve landed an investor or are footing the finances yourself, every penny counts. You’ll need supplies, space and staff. These “must-haves” can get unbearable if you let them.…Read More

Refresh Customer Personas for Post-COVID Business Success

COVID-19 shook up last year; even those with 20/20 vision couldn’t see it coming. There were more challenges than any customer journey map could have planned. For those small businesses across America who managed to hold their own, they came out flourishing, with an array of new services, exciting offers…Read More

How to Launch on Product Hunt: What We Learned from 30+ Launches

Way back in 2014, we first tried our hand at launching on Product Hunt with an early version of Process Street. It got featured, but that was a different time; when Product Hunt’s staff manually selected each product feature (these days Product Hunt claims that an automated algorithm decides). It…Read More

How Chocolate Can Teach You All You Need to Know About Qualitative Research

“Startups that regularly conduct qualitative research (not just quantitative) experience faster results in their quest to achieve product-market-fit.” – Mitchell Posada, I’m a startup, do I need to do Qualitative Research? Why? Because by regularly doing qualitative research, you are engaging with (and acting on) the voice of your ideal…Read More

Why Top Brands Are Obsessed With Phygital Marketing

You’re waiting for the train on your way to work. You’ve got a long day ahead, and don’t feel like swinging by the grocery store afterward. Fortunately, there’s a supermarket kiosk on the platform. You scan the barcodes with your phone and arrange for your food to be delivered when…Read More

[Podcast] How the Pros Go from One Location to Multiple Businesses

Whether you have one business or several locations, the key is understanding what you do exceptionally well and then make sure your team executes it flawlessly every single time, explains Mike Skitzki, COO of Franworth. “It becomes a great lens to observe your company through.” In the latest episode of…Read More

How To Create The Perfect Social Media Content Calendar Process (Free Template)

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17 Stellar Ideas to Perfect Your Business Newsletter and 30 Free Templates

This is a guest post by Hannah Butler, who works as a web developer, designer, and writer. According to a study by Digiday, Vanity Fair’s newsletter readers consume 2x more content than any other audience segment. Another study by found that Greentech Media’s newsletter visitors spend 80% more time…Read More