Telegram security and privacy tips

Facebook’s WhatsApp recently updated its privacy policy, causing many disgruntled users to switch to rival messengers, among them Telegram. Thanks largely to this exodus, Telegram added 25 million new users in just a few days, pushing its user base over the 500 million mark. That makes this the perfect time…Read More

How to tell if a website is taking your (browser) fingerprints

Whether you’re looking at the whorls and loops of a fingertip or analogously unique browser information, using a fingerprint is a highly accurate way to identify someone. It’s a lot harder to get a person’s fingerprint without their knowledge, but all kinds of services on the Internet ID users by…Read More

The Internet Governance Forum, transparency, and stalkerware

As the Internet approaches its fourth decade, it’s worth remembering that in that short amount of time, we’ve seen monumental, global change — both in the real world and, of course, in the digital one. With that in mind, the fifteenth Internet Governance Forum debates featured more than 200 sessions…Read More

How identification, authentication, and authorization differ

It happens to every one of us every day. We are constantly identified, authenticated, and authorized by various systems. And yet, many people confuse the meanings of these words, often using the terms identification or authorization when, in fact, they are talking about authentication. That’s no big deal as long…Read More