Task Management vs. Project Management – What’s the Difference?

Whatever you do in your professional life, going to work is all about getting things done. While both project management and task management are designed to focus your efforts towards what matters most for your organization, there is often confusion between the two. This blog post will help you identify…Read More

Master Project Management with the Critical Path Method

Project management requires a wide spectrum of skills, organizational abilities, and attention to detail to make sure everything moves forward according to plan. A good project manager is able to keep all the plates spinning in sync while making it appear effortless at the same time. However, the more plates…Read More

Left navigation menu — We’re moving a few things around

Left navigation menu — We’re moving a few things around Everybody loves a good declutter. You know the drill — move things around, create dedicated space, consolidate. It allows us to find what we have more easily and make room for something new ✨. Find pipelines in the left-hand menu alongside Mail, Meet, and more. We dusted…Read More

Breaking Through Business Roadblocks — Don’t Get Tripped Up

Not all businesses are created equal but, one thing’s for sure, they’ve got some pretty similar obstacles in the beginning stages. Only one-third of businesses will see their 10-year anniversary. Don’t get tripped up. Here are some common roadblocks and how your business can crush them. Lack of Money Sometimes…Read More

Plan for 2021 with MindMeister

If the often-surreal events of 2020 have taught us anything, it is that even the best-made plans can be rendered obsolete by circumstances beyond our control. However, with the year ending and no end to the uncertainty in sight, unpredictability cannot become a reason to neglect planning for the year…Read More

Lessons in How to Drive Large Scale Digital Transformations

Projects come in all shapes & sizes. Sometimes they are in the form of inbound requests for new marketing material, in the shape of IT implementations, or involve client-specific deliverables. Sometimes these projects are enterprise-wide transformations of processes & systems to support cross-functional initiatives and large portfolios of projects (both…Read More

Stats Life: Introducing our Updated Reports Feature

It’s here! Recently, we’ve been working hard on a number of important updates to the existing statistics and reports feature in MeisterTask, and we’re absolutely delighted with the results. Read on to find out how this powerful upgrade can add a statistics-driven dimension to your task management experience.  We know,…Read More

How to Conquer the Day (and Night) by Hacking Your Chronotype

In the Before Time (read: before coronavirus struck and remote work became more commonplace) there were four types of people on the morning commute. First, there was the person falling asleep in their seat – most likely one of the 15% of Americans who doze off while at work. Second,…Read More