Stats Life: Introducing our Updated Reports Feature

It’s here! Recently, we’ve been working hard on a number of important updates to the existing statistics and reports feature in MeisterTask, and we’re absolutely delighted with the results. Read on to find out how this powerful upgrade can add a statistics-driven dimension to your task management experience.  We know,…Read More

How to Conquer the Day (and Night) by Hacking Your Chronotype

In the Before Time (read: before coronavirus struck and remote work became more commonplace) there were four types of people on the morning commute. First, there was the person falling asleep in their seat – most likely one of the 15% of Americans who doze off while at work. Second,…Read More

Our Zapier Update Will Make You Happier

Great news! We’ve added even more functionality and features to enhance our Zapier integration. The results? Less manual work for you — more time to focus on what really needs your attention. If you haven’t heard about Zapier before, here’s a quick intro:  Zapier is a web service that connects…Read More

How to Improve Study Skills & Get Organized: Use a Study Guide Template

Quick! You have an exam in a week. What’s your study plan? Will you spend hours reading the material? Take notes? Use flashcards? Cram it all in the night before? Most people in this situation wouldn’t think very far ahead when deliberating on how to study. They’d just wing it,…Read More

Get Your Team Started With MeisterTask

MeisterTask is a task management tool designed with collaboration in mind. We help teams from all over the world coordinate their activities, delegate responsibilities and get more done. Whether you’re working in a small group or managing a huge team with employees in various locations, our unique combination of powerful…Read More

Enabling the Adaptive Enterprise: Foundations for Continuous Change

Few times in history have there been such rapid change as we’re seeing right now.  With each passing year the number of forces in play seems to grow exponentially, and business models are being disrupted at a rate that has never been seen before. To help businesses survive — and…Read More

File Naming Conventions: How to Optimize Document Management

It’s all too common to find yourself wading through your organization’s shared folders in search of the file you’ve been asked to review: PROJECT-PROPOSAL-NEW-v5.doc Project_proposal_2020_final+edits.doc THIS_is_the_final_proposal_(old-version).PDF Why does this happen? Why can’t everyone just use proper file naming conventions? The reasons can be lack of proper internal policy or procedure…Read More

After the Crisis: 3 Factors to Help Enterprises Emerge Stronger

In a recent Clarizen virtual summit called Embracing Uncertainty (which is available on-demand), guest speaker Brian Hopkins, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, highlighted three core factors that will enable enterprises to emerge from the coronavirus crisis stronger and better: adaptability, resiliency, and customer engagement. Below is a deeper…Read More

ABCO Automation Shortened Design Cycles by 35 Percent with SOLIDWORKS PDM

ABCO Automation, Inc. designs and builds custom turnkey factory automation systems that enable manufacturers across the globe, including 3M, Goodyear, GE, and Coca-Cola, to overcome manufacturing challenges to achieve excellence. The company has developed a reputation for developing high-quality automation equipment to overcome difficult challenges within increasingly shorter lead times.…Read More

Making the Remote Work Transition: Advice from Chanty & Problems They Faced

This is a guest post from Julia Samoilenko, a marketing specialist who writes about digital marketing trends and strategies for the Chanty blog. This powerful and free Slack alternative is aimed to increase team productivity and improve communication at work. Feel free to connect with Julia on LinkedIn. Many of…Read More

6 Easy Ways to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

Your employees are your most valuable business asset. If you treat them well, they’ll be hardworking and loyal. Without them, you don’t have a business.  Managers and business owners often wonder how best to improve employee productivity, and for good reason. According to Gallup, companies that can double the number…Read More

How OKRs Can Help Project Teams Get Up to Speed After Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations to transform their operations during the first six months of 2020, with lockdowns and social distancing rules driving a massive shift from centralized office working to remote working, affecting teams across all departments and putting many projects on hold. Moving into the second half of…Read More

Adept Leadership: How Continuous Growth and Development Cultivates Productivity

Change is an inescapable reality. Perhaps there’s no other entity that can genuinely attest to this than a business. Sometimes, change comes from within, in one’s attempt to improve. At other times, it’s external, in the form of new market preferences, competitor landscape, or government regulations.  Today, the change is…Read More