Exclusive Report: Did COVID-19 Sink Small Business Reputation?

For the past year, Thryv has analyzed more than 58,000 small businesses across America. Our goal was to better understand how small businesses were presenting themselves online. We also wanted to discover how they could improve important metrics, such as search results and customer sentiment. With their permission, we ran…Read More

Small Businesses Looking back, Moving Forward: Lessons COVID Taught Us

The COVID-19 outbreak wreaked more havoc around the globe than anyone could have anticipated. Business owners, big and small, struggled to cope from the beginning. For small businesses, the window of opportunity to react to the pandemic was smaller than the businesses themselves. The crisis is still unfolding; however, in…Read More

[Podcast] Was Your Business Model Set Up for a Quick Recovery?

Some business models were built for quicker recovery after COVID-19, says Jania Bailey, CEO of FranNet. For instance, franchise businesses benefited by having the support of their home office. In the latest episode of the “Winning on Main Street” podcast, Gordon Henry chats with Jania about how people who want to start…Read More

[Podcast] Digital Marketing + Brand Vision = Business Success

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Why business owners should add photo editing to their resume

If you’re a small business owner, you know the importance of photos. Whether for your website, brochures, posters, events or social media, imagery is essential to conveying your brand’s story. But not all entrepreneurs were born with photography skills, nor can they afford professional help. As a result, photo-editing skills…Read More