Coronavirus vaccines selling on darknet black markets | Kaspersky official blog

In December of 2020, the US FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19. Within 24 hours, one of the largest global vaccination campaigns in history kicked off, with countries around the world rushing to begin the end of the pandemic. Unfortunately, supply chains haven’t been able to keep up, and…Read More

What to do if your company gets attacked by ransomware | Kaspersky official blog

You’ve read our thousand and one articles on guarding your network from every threat under the sun. But sometimes, despite all precautions, an infection gets in. Now is the time for cool heads and quick, decisive actions. Your response will help determine whether the incident becomes a deadly headache for…Read More

Crypto scam on Discord uses fake news websites | Kaspersky official blog

Since we described how scammers are tricking Discord users into registering on fake cryptocurrency exchanges, they have harnessed new and even more effective techniques. What’s the catch, and can you protect yourself? Origins In the earlier grift, members of Discord cryptocurrency communities received private messages from trading platforms supposedly giving…Read More

CD Projekt confirms ransomware attack on internal system | Kaspersky official blog

CD Projekt has issued a statement, saying that unspecified ransomware attacked the company’s information systems. The company, known for game series The Witcher and the notorious Cyberpunk 2077 project and behind digital distribution service, says that to its knowledge users’ personal data wasn’t affected by the attack. What happened?…Read More

How gamers get duped: Real-life stories | Kaspersky official blog

People learn more from their mistakes than from cautionary tales of scam and fraud, so, for today’s security postmortem, we collected edifying tales from real-life gamers. Here are four from victims and one from a perpetrator. Gift fraud Mikhail Mad_Bucket, 23, translator: “About seven years ago, something pretty interesting happened…Read More

Why you should to update Google Chrome to version 88.0.4324.150 immediately | Kaspersky official blog

Researchers have found a critical vulnerability, CVE-2021-21148, in Google Chrome. We recommend addressing it as soon as possible because cybercriminals are already exploiting it. Browser versions for major desktop operating systems (Windows, MacOS, and Linux) are all vulnerable. Here’s what’s going on, and how to update your browser. Why CVE-2021-21148…Read More

How scammers lure Discord users to a fake cryptocurrency exchange | Kaspersky official blog

Discord was originally created for gamers, but thanks to its handy system of “servers” (communities), channels, and private messages, it’s brought in all kinds of people, from study groups to common-interest clubs — including fans of cryptocurrency. On their servers, traders discuss the latest on altcoins, investors share predictions, and…Read More

How to decrypt files encrypted by Fonix | Kaspersky official blog

When the Fonix ransomware group suddenly announced the end of its activities and published a master key for decoding encrypted files, our experts immediately updated the Rakhni Decryptor tool to automate the process. You can download the tool right here. The Fonix example illustrates yet again why even if you…Read More

Why you need to update iOS and iPadOS to version 14.4 immediately | Kaspersky official blog

Apple has released a security update to close three zero-day vulnerabilities: CVE-2021-1780, CVE-2021-1781, and CVE-2021-1782. Because Apple believes unnamed cybercriminals are already exploiting those vulnerabilities, the company advises all iOS and iPadOS users to update their operating systems. The vulnerabilities CVE-2021-1780 and CVE-2021-1781 are vulnerabilities in the WebKit browser engine,…Read More

Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 184

This week on the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast, Jeff and I spoke with Claire Hatcher, our fraud prevention team’s head of business development. During the call, we discussed the wide-ranging issues surrounding fraud and how it affects its victims — a view often overlooked because of fraud’s common portrayal as…Read More

Doing more with less: Cybersecurity in 2021

The events of the past year have forced many companies to change their approach to work and, by extension, information security. Seeking to learn about their pandemic-related challenges, we polled 5,266 IT decision-makers in 31 countries. Respondents talked about the threats they encountered, the costs of cyberincident recovery, and the…Read More

Malware wrapped in Cyberpunk 2077

No sooner was Cyberpunk 2077 released for Windows and consoles than we came across a “beta version for Android” online. It was completely free to download from a site bearing the name cyberpunk2077mobile[.]com. The game’s actual developer has yet to announce any mobile version of the game, so we decided…Read More