Safe cryptotrading 101

Ten years after the emergence of the first Bitcoin exchange, cryptocurrency landscape still resembles the Wild West. For some, one good decision can reap profits of several hundred percent while others can lose everything in a single day. How can you protect your initial capital against exchange rate fluctuations, and…Read More

How to make your Airtable base work for you with Automations

Streamline your tasks and processes with a powerful, flexible rules engine that allows you to build custom trigger-and-action sequences on top of your Airtable base—no coding required.Sometimes, your work will require creative problem-solving: you’ll face challenges that differ substantially from the ones you’ve faced previously, and you’ll need to analyze…Read More

How to automatically send approval emails without leaving your base

Here’s how you can use Airtable to automatically send content approval notification emails. All you need to do is update a status field in your base.When reviewing and approving content, a good chunk of time is spent sending updates back and forth between collaborators. Rather than addressing, drafting, and composing…Read More

How to automatically schedule Google Calendar events from Airtable

With Airtable Automations, you can automatically schedule Google Calendar events without ever leaving your Airtable base.Timing is everything, in both work and life, so having a single source of truth for your schedule is critical. Still, while most people use calendar applications like Google Calendar to stay on top of…Read More

What end-to-end encryption is, and why you need it

In recent years, communications services ranging from WhatsApp to Zoom have announced their implementation of end-to-end encryption. What does that mean? Well, the idea of encryption is pretty straightforward: It turns data into something that cannot be read. But what does end-to-end mean? What are its pros and cons? Without…Read More

Are You Turning Off Your Customers? Here Are 6 Ways to Win Them Back

We live in a consumer-driven marketplace and, as we know, that means evolving expectations. After 20 years in the industry, I live and breathe all things customer experience and, considering the year we’re having, there’s an obvious shift in what customers expect out of businesses. At one point, companies could…Read More